Install Win10 on asus a6f

Install Win10 on asus a6f wurde erstellt von robrizio 19 Okt. 2023 23:54 - 20 Okt. 2023 00:01 #48271 von robrizio
Hi, I have a laptop asus a6f with a T7400 intel processor and bios version A6FAS.222 download from:
I tried to install windows 10 but during the installation i get a blue screen "critical process died".  I also tried updating from windows 7 and I get " Error 0xC1900101-0x20017, the installation failed in SAFE_OS fhase with an error during BOOT operation". I read that most commonly errors occour during SAFE_OS phase due hardware issues and firmware issues.
It could be a bios problem thats need to be modded to work with Win10. Can you help me?
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